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By listening deeply to your horse, building trust, and providing pain relief and care:
* Behavioral issues are drastically reduced or eliminated
* Remind the horse's body that there is a new range of motion it can access
* You deepen your relationship with your horse
* Your horse gains confidence, which leads to all kinds of amazing things
* You and your horse become true partners
* Restore their power, spirit and overall sense of well-being

Equine Structural Integration

Tensegrity Balancing Therapy

Visceral Manual Therapy

Animal Soul Channeling

Myofascial Release

Profound Intuition and Lifelong Horse Relationships

Shannon Brown is a Pacific Northwest native, Equine bodyworker and horse enthusiast. She grew up riding as a working student and competing in Hunter Jumpers in Kirkland WA. She has a background in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Her gift of touch and energy work helps support horses to release tension, restore balance and move with ease into their full potential. She is certified through Equine Natural Movement School, and is licensed as a Large Animal Massage Therapist in Washington state and holds a national certification through NBCAAM.  Starting December 2022 Shannon joined faculty at Equine Natural Movement school and be assisting teaching along side Joseph & Jacqueline Freeman, Codi

 Hamblin & Jim Culver.  Shannon also offers 1:1 mentoring & online group mentoring coming soon.

Get to know more about Shannon by listening to her podcast episode with Felicity Davies


“A horse’s true personality can be dampened by pain. After a session the horse may become feisty, playful, and even powerful. Holdings take energy from the horse. Release of these holdings returns his precious stored energy and a new awareness of himself that the horse needs to thrive.” Joseph Freeman, (creator of the Equine Natural Movement School)


                                                        WHAT ARE THE SESSIONS LIKE?

I show up at your barn and introduce myself to your horse. I will take a number a photos for static assessment as well as walking the horse for a dynamic assessment.
I then do a body mapping for tactile assessment.
Then with all of this information I begin the body work itself.
At the end of this I will give the owners exercises that they do daily with their horse - these simple exercises take about 15 minutes - which serves to establish and integrate the structural work I do. Plus your horse will be happier and you will both like each other even more!
Generally the sessions take place where the horse is loose in the stall/paddock, in cross ties, or rarely being held by another human. If the horse needs a handler, I ask that you refrain from touching or petting your horses face during the work. Our horses are deeply attached to human stewards, so petting or extra touch can pull the horse out of the work and serve as a distraction. I also ask that the handler give the horse plenty of rope so they can move their head around, stretch, sniff, check in with me or communicate as needed.
Each session will have a slightly different focus and your horse determines the length of time and depth of the work per session - anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.


How can this work help my horse?

This work helps to re-educated your horses fascial and nervous system. Helping to restore natural movement, resolve issues of imbalance by clearing out restrictive holding patterns within the body. Rebalancing the body as a whole, so your horse can access their full potential and athletic ability! 

Not only does this work help improve your horses performance, it can help improve your horses overall attitude and spirit.

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Working with Shannon quite frankly put me on a path to self discovery that has changed mine and my horses’ lives. When we first met I felt like my horse Spice was falling apart, even though there technically wasn’t anything “wrong.” From looking at one photo Shannon was able to identify almost all of the issues we were facing when everyone else had kept trying to assure me she was fine. As we began working together Spice immediately started becoming more comfortable and the layers of compensation started appearing. Sometimes it was intimidating, but Shannon supported us throughout the entire process, offering suggestions and resources to help Spice through. Shannon always checked in on us and investigated Spice’s issues as if she were her own horse, even if it meant reaching out to someone else. In addition to Spice being significantly more happy, healthy, and balanced now, I can also say the same about myself. Her guidance has been empowering and on this journey to better support my horses’ well being, I’m learning how to become better grounded along the way.

~ Kayla Blaskowski, Detroit, MI  



I'm so pleased with the bodywork that Shannon has done with my horse, Blue!  He is prone to have gas colic and I am happy to report that Blue has not had an episode of colic since summer!  She worked on his gut to help with digestion and relaxation. I was able to ride in 2 clinics in the last 6 months and not worry about him.  I highly recommend her work. Thanks Shannon!

~ Julie Harcus, Kirkland, WA

I wanted to thank you and say it was so great to see you. You are in an amazing space & your aura is shining. It makes my heart happy, & it was so good catching up. Thanks for working on my babes. I am really excited about this supplemental care for them. I would love to learn your process & learn from you. Just wanted to pass on some words, and tell you look forward to seeing you sooner rather than later. You're high frequency vibing and I dig that energy.

~Jeni Webb, Mercer Island, WA 


I wanted to thank you, AGAIN, for the lovely session you had with both of my horses.  My big guy is nervous around strangers and took to you immediately, figured out quickly what we were trying to do, and thoroughly enjoyed his session with you, almost falling asleep in the process!  Great gains for him, and I’m so pleased he was able to make a connection with someone else!

My mare is stoic and refuses to relax around anyone, and yet I saw her brain calm as you made progress.  She’s been abused and is suspicious around people, but in no time she was trusting you. I’m amazed and just so so happy. 

You’re only as happy as your least happy kid, and both my kids were relaxed, calm, and definitely happy with their sessions. I think we were ALL sad to see you go! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!  I so look forward to having you spend time with us again!

~ Lauri Sears, Camano Island, WA

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Shannon has been working on my two horses. One of which is a retired 23yr old Arabian QH mare named"Design"who has severe arthritis on her left knee and recently suffered from laminitis. Seems we are on the mend with that now thanks to medication and some wonderful body work from Shannon. Shannon brings a calming energy and I appreciate the time she took to make sure Design was relaxed and comfortable and find key spots where she was harboring tension. I always see a dramatic change on how Design moves right after a bodywork session and it continues into the following days. She seems to enjoy the extra tlc and not having to wear a halter and relaxing are her favorite things. I also benefit as well because I harbor a lot of stress and anxiety and the relaxation helps me destress as well! I always look forward to a session with Shannon!

 My barn is a sacred place that I keep mostly to myself. It was my deceased mom and I's creation and it has been hard for me to let people in on my little slice of heaven so whom I invite to join me there and touch my horses should consider themselves pretty darn blessed.

Samantha Ibsen

Redmond, WA

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 I would be honored to work with your horse!


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